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Senior diplomat in Prime Minister's Office fumes at Iran deal clause, in which West vows to train Tehran to block Israeli nuclear sabotage.

I believe that the Bible is true when it declares, "Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be supported. Believe His prophets, and you will succeed" (2 Chr. 20:20).

The end of capitalism has begun

After Reading Confidential Info, Tom Horn Pulls Out All Stops To Get Material Into The Hands Of Americans And Christians As Soon As Possible

A “tsunami” of obscene, violent and degrading pornography is harming children, women, men and the American culture, a panel of experts told a Capitol Hill briefing Tuesday.

Transhumanism’s March Has Started, And It Cannot Be Stopped, Say Tech Experts

The Biometric Approach to Securing the Internet of Things

Err, We Mean, CONVINCE Americans That GMOs Are Safe? (Pay No Attention To Those Tumor Riddled Test Rats Swept Under The Rug)

Ingestible Device Named After Ancient Shapeshifting Demon That Could Mutate The DNA Of Its Host (Proteus)...

Scientists Gather For SERIOUS Discussion About How To Overthrow Advanced Aliens Dictatorship

Christians Threatened And A Temple Mount Takeover

Pentagon Fearless “Super-Soldiers”

Embedded In The Brain Could Provide The Ultimate BORG-Like Machine Interface Of Tomorrow

Who Are Cheering The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

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